Joe Scarborough: Election Was 'Total Absolute Loss' For Republicans (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough lamented the losses of Republicans across the country on Friday, calling the election "a devastating defeat" for the party.

Chuck Todd broke down the results of the Senate races on "Morning Joe," and wondered why the Democrats' victories haven't cast more doubt on the leadership of GOP. "They've catered to the base so much that it's alienated the party away from swing voters," Todd said.

Scarborough agreed. Citing the Senate results, he said, "Republicans get hammered in every region and in every ideological wing and it really is, it's just a devastating defeat for the Republican brand."

He continued, "You can't just blame it on one man. You can't just blame it on Mitt Romney. This was a total absolute loss."

The show hosted Newsweek's David Frum, who is out with a new e-book called "Why Romney Lost." Frum argued that Romney's loss was just a symptom of a larger problem, citing the fact that Republican candidates lost the popular vote in the past six presidential elections.

"The real story of this election and of the past half dozen is that the Republican message is no longer relevant to middle class America," he said.



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