11/09/2012 02:15 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2012

Katie Holmes, 'Dead Accounts': Actress Compares Character's Midwestern Values To Her Own

Katie Holmes may have been married to one of Hollywood's top stars, but the actress insists she's a down-to-earth Ohio girl at heart.

In an interview with the New York Times, Holmes draws parallels between her own life and that of her character, Lorna, in the new Broadway play “Dead Accounts.”

“I still think of myself as Midwestern,” she reveals. “I mean, I’ve had box wine. It’s good. And it’s a lot easier to open.” (Hey, we concur. Where's a corkscrew when you need one?)

Holmes discusses the role of her Catholic upbringing, saying, "It’s a behavioral code as well. It informs everything.”

Her observation is telling, given that her Catholic faith reportedly played a role in her decision to leave husband Tom Cruise. Holmes registered as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City shortly after filing for divorce.

And while it seems that Holmes' every move is documented by the paparazzi, you won't find her bragging of her fame to her friends.

“I’m like Lorna in that my values guide me in an instinctual way, like, ‘That feels weird’ or ‘I better send a thank you,’ ” she said. “Also, the Midwestern work ethic: You do what you do, and you don’t talk about it. You don’t say, ‘Oh, I’m a doctor.’ You won’t have many friends if you do that. And when you’re in the entertainment business where you’re applauded for so many things — — ”

Holmes also tells the Times that she has a hard time sleeping when she considers the high expectations for the play, but earlier this year, she told C magazine that she was ready to take on greater challenges in her career.

"I'm ready to take on some more challenging roles," she told the magazine. "I feel like I worked so much at such a young age that I really wanted to have life experiences. I feel more balanced and like I have more to bring to the table. I always felt like I wanted to catch up [in my personal life] to what I was doing [in my career]."



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