11/09/2012 02:34 pm ET

We Spend The Least Time Utilizing Our Strengths On Sundays, Report Finds

A new report confirms what many of us already know: Sundays are for being lazy and doing nothing.

The Gallup report shows that we use our strengths the least -- meaning we spend the least amount of time doing what we are best at -- on Sundays, compared to any other day of the week.

Specifically, we spend 6.7 hours exercising our strengths on Sunday, which is less than the seven hours a day we spend on our strengths during most of the other days of the week.

The day of the week that we use our strengths the most? Researchers found that it's Thursday, where we spend, on average, 7.6 hours doing what we do best.

However, maybe it's in our best interests to use our strengths. Previously, Gallup found a link between exercising strengths and decreased stress, anger and sadness. And that seems to be the case in the new report, too, as researchers found that people who reported smiling, laughing or being happy all week were also the ones who used their strengths for an extra one or two hours, on average.

"Given the positive relationship between using one's strengths and having higher wellbeing and productivity levels, it may be beneficial that Americans report using their strengths most during the week, when most people are at work," the researchers wrote in the report. "Still, Americans who find a way to integrate their strengths into their weekend activities can extend the wellbeing benefits of using their strengths even further."

What do you think about this finding? What's the day of the week that you allow yourself to just sit and do nothing?