11/11/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Nov 11, 2012

Adam Snow, Pittsburgh Teen, Receives Miracle Liver Donation (VIDEO)

Occasionally miracles do happen.

This time it came in the form of a high school freshman receiving a life-saving transplant at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on Saturday, just hours after his family made a desperate public plea for a healthy liver, reports ABC News.

Just weeks ago, 14-year-old Adam Snow went to the doctor with flu-like symptoms, which turned out to be the result of acute liver failure. According to his family, Adam's liver was attacked by an airborne virus and for an unknown reason, his immune system wasn’t able to fight it, reports CBS News.

Doctors put the teen in a drug-induced coma. and was placed at the top of the donor list. The family's pleas were soon answered -- the perfectly-matching liver Adam needed was donated sometime around late Friday or early Saturday morning, and he's now recovering in intensive care.

"All I know is we got a liver, and it’ll work,” Adam's mother Linda Snow told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “In my heart, the word got out to the right people, and our prayers were answered. Whatever it is, it’s a miracle.”

Officials have not revealed who the donor was, or how the donor died, or whether the family of the deceased asked that the liver go to Adam, whose story first appeared in local media on Friday night, and quickly spread throughout the country via Facebook and Twitter.

Adam's mother said now that he's out of surgery, doctors are optimistic, but they warned that it’ll be a few days before they can call the transplant a success.