11/11/2012 01:06 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2012

Love And War: 'Breaking Dawn' And 'Red Dawn' Battle It Out

By Alex Anderson, American School of Correspondence; Khalil Beckwith, King; Kasey Carlson, Whitney Young; Daniaja Davis, Whitney Young; Cyerra Brown, Whitney Young; Morgan Gstalter, Niles West; Shantae Howell, Walter Payton; Kevin Wei, Neuqua Valley; Kelsey Farrell, Andrew

These teens are student reporters for The Mash, a weekly teen publication distributed to Chicagoland high schools.

There’s a lot more to November than Thanksgiving and holiday sales. Two highly-anticipated movies are coming to the big screen: “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2” comes out Nov. 16 and “Red Dawn” comes out Nov. 21. Sure, both movies have blockbuster potential, but which one would win in a fight if faced off with each other?

The Mash’s panel of judges look into it.

Between the two, which movie is guaranteed to be a box-office hit?

ALEX: Although “Red Dawn” has two popular, up-and-coming actors, I don’t think it will beat out “Breaking Dawn.” Since it’s the last movie in the series and it already has a giant fan base, I think everyone will be seeing “Breaking Dawn.” Not to mention, even if people think the movie looks stupid, we’re all still going to see it, just because it’s the finale.

KHALIL: Between the two, “Twilight” will definitely make more money. But not for the right reasons, mind you. “Twilight” has a horrendously devoted fan base of teens and bored housewives to back it up religiously. “Red Dawn” has two types of fans: adults who saw the original and will automatically like it better and critical movie buffs who will go in disliking it for being a remake. “Breaking Dawn” wins this one.

KASEY: In terms of box office, I see “Breaking Dawn” as having a higher opening weekend than “Red Dawn” by far. The “Twilight Saga” has a huge following. Though “Red Dawn’s” audience will include the original’s fans from the ‘80s, “Breaking Dawn” is the end of “Twilight” altogether. I’d be surprised if “Red Dawn” won this one.

Which plot makes more sense?

DANIAJA: For “Red Dawn,” a group of teenagers must band together to protect themselves and their town from a North Korean attack—I’m sure all teenagers can relate to that. In “Breaking Dawn,” Bella begins to adjust to her new life as a vampire only to find that the Volturi now wants her and her family dead. Still not as relatable, but hey, Twihards don’t care.

Between all the hunks from both movies, which movie has the overall ‘hot’ factor and why?

MORGAN: “Red Dawn’s” cast list is extraordinarily impressive and appealing to my teenage girl mind. Chris Hemsworth is coming off of his “Snow White and the Huntsmen” (with ironically enough, Kristen Stewart) and “Avengers” high, Josh Hutcherson is still cruising “The Hunger Games” tide, and Josh Peck is resurrecting himself from his “Drake and Josh” days. While “Breaking Dawn” has no shortage of attractive men, they’ve been around for four movies already. They’ve grown up and we’ve seen it all on film. “Red Dawn” takes the cake.

KELSEY: I don’t care how much you like Robert Lautner or Taylor Pattinson. Wait, what? “Red Dawn” has Josh Hutcherson. You know, the kid who won the 74th annual Hunger Games and got to kiss Jennifer Lawrence? I like that kid. He’s got a nice face. He beats vampire-wolves any day.

CYERRA: Admittedly, “Twilight” has Taylor Lautner and several other very attractive werewolves. Don’t forget the many vampires that have been added to the cast of this last movie. Actually, just by numbers alone, “Breaking Dawn” should have the higher hot factor. But “Red Dawn’s” actors are on a different level. Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson? These three alone outweigh the dozens of hot guys in “Twilight.”

SHANTAE: I’ll give this one to “Red Dawn.” The whole “I’m-so-dead-and-shexi-thing” is just not working for me. Sorry if I’m failing to see an obvious correlation between cold and dead and attractive. Also, Josh Hutcherson and Josh Peck of “Drake and Josh”? Massive nostalgia factor there and Peck’s increasing attractiveness doesn’t hurt.

If Kristen Stewart battle it out with the female leads of “Red Dawn,” who would win?

KHALIL: I can say with a straight face that Kristen Stewart probably couldn’t beat a teddy bear in a fight. But Stewart’s joy-killing, stark, signature scowl would sap all energy from “Red Dawn’s” leading females and they’d die on the spot from catching a case of her apathy.

KEVIN: Unless the females of “Red Dawn” can somehow dismember Bella and burn her body before she regenerates, Bella would probably win in a face-off, just because of her awesome vampire powers. But let’s be honest, isn’t it a little cheap to have bullets and any other kind of human weapon bounce off a vampire’s skin? These writers need to make vampires less overpowering against humans.

Without listening to the CD, what do you think the music will sound like? Predict some song titles.

DANIAJA: Well, “Red Dawn” is a war movie. Maybe something like “Grenade” or “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” “Breaking Dawn” will have the same typical teenage angst songs, but they are good teenage angst songs.

CYERRA: There will be a LOT of romantic songs for “Breaking Dawn.” The underlying point of the whole plot is that Bella wants to protect her family. So there’ll be some love songs about finally being equal with Edward—”With New Eyes,” “Cottage in the Woods,” “Sparkles and Sunshine”—and a song about her daughter: “Baby’s First Bite.” For the violence-filled “Red Dawn,” there will be song titles along the lines of “Battle at Fort Sears” or “Resounding Fire.”

KEVIN: “Red Dawn” will definitely have more rock and hard-sounding music since it’s more of an action movie with guns and explosions, and I’m guessing “Breaking Dawn” will probably have some more epic orchestral pieces to illustrate the sensitivity of the plot. Regardless, both movies will have their own respective music to fit the action scenes perfectly.

Which movie uses the word “dawn” better and why?

ALEX: I think “Breaking Dawn” uses the word better. It gives a little insight and the title flows. “Red Dawn” is kind of like, huh? What is red dawn? What does that mean?

MORGAN: Stephenie Meyer, author of the “Twilight Saga” said that the title of “Breaking Dawn” refers to Bella starting her new life as a vampire. “Red Dawn” is being remade from a 1980s version and I’m not sure that the change in setting and plot will affect how the title connects to the film.

KELSEY: Scientists, help me out. Is it possible to actually break dawn? I know breaking wind is a thing, but I’m not sure if you can truly break the dawn. I do, however, suppose that you can have a red dawn if Mother Nature is in a particularly feisty mood. Well played, “Red Dawn”: You win this round.

KEVIN: “Breaking Dawn” will have a slight edge over “Red Dawn.” “Red Dawn” is simply an adjective plus “dawn” to foreshadow a gory morning, whereas “Breaking Dawn” shows significant change and new beginnings in Bella’s life. Even though it’s a remake, I still feel as if “Red Dawn” could have been named something much cooler like “A Group of Teenagers Blow Lots of Stuff Up to Save Their Town” movie.

Which movie has a better fan base?

DANIAJA: “Red Dawn” is a remake, right? And the original came out in what, the ‘80s? Even if there were a fan base, I don’t think they’d be as lively as the Twihards. Twihards dress as your favorite character, fight to the death over Team Jacob or Team Edward, and wait in lines for hours for the midnight shows. You go, Twihards.

KASEY: No Team Edward or Team Jacob here. Only Team Red Dawn! It has a fairly realistic plot, lots of action and plenty of guys to look at. Oh, I mean, lots of talented actors.


Finish these sentences: If “Red Dawn” ever comes to life ...

ALEX: “... the world will be filled with buff dudes running around and girls dressed in tight leather.”

KHALIL: “... I’ll become a Canadian.”

CYERRA: “... many of us would not survive. If North Korea invaded the U.S., how many of us would be able to steal a few shotguns from a local store and organize a group to go hunting the enemy? Not all of us, that’s certain.”

SHANTAE: “... our products will be made in the USA (crazy, right?) because we’ll probably be too worried about the proximity North Korea has to China.

If “Breaking Dawn” ever comes to life ...

ALEX: “... it will rain a lot, and you’ll run into several awkward encounters at Starbucks with werewolves and vampires silently facing off.

KHALIL: “... I’ll become Blade.”

CYERRA: “... no one would know. The Volturis work very hard to keep the world hidden.”

SHANTAE: “... I’m shoving all of my pale friends into the sunlight to see if they glisten. I’m sorry, I love you all, you’re wonderful people, but I’d like to go to college and not die.