11/11/2012 07:01 pm ET

Yahoo Fantasy Football Servers Slow Down Before NFL Week 10 (And Twitter Is Not Happy)

Fantasy football owners usually have no one to blame but themselves when their teams struggles to put up points. Did you forget a bye week? Not realize that the San Francisco 49ers are the stingiest team in the league when it comes to opposing QB points? Or just pick the wrong running back in a timeshare? Regardless of the reason, fantasy football losses fall on the shoulders of armchair Lombardis out there.

Not this week.

With Yahoo! experiencing some technical difficulties, many fantasy football owners have a new scapegoat. Those who participate in fantasy football leagues hosted by Yahoo! were out of luck when they attempted to set their rosters before the 1 p.m. EST games began. As the confusion on social media blossomed into an uproar, Yahoo! acknowledged this issue.

As the afternoon wore on, updates were not promising.

Before the beginning of the 2012 football season, Fox Business reported that fantasy football is now "generating profits in excess of $1 billion through cable deals, advertisements, draft guides, buy-in fees and various endorsements." Many of the people who laid out some of those dollars were not happy about their inability to make roster moves.

Reactions To Yahoo! Fantasy Fail