11/12/2012 02:41 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

It's Belgian Beer Month In San Francisco

This article comes to us courtesy of 7x7.

By Scott Mansfield

Belgium. No other country has a wider variety of native styles, or a larger impact on modern craft brewers. Belgians have spent centuries developing the world's finest beers by brewing with combinations of top fermenting or wild yeasts, warm fermenting temperatures, and adjuncts as diverse as fruit, candi sugar, orange peel, coriander, black pepper, and star anise.

All November, local brewers Magnolia Brewpub and 21st Amendment are once again putting the BRU in Brussels. The breweries have prepped a total of twelve Belgian-style beers as part of their annual BRU/SFO Project. Each brewery is currently tapping four Belgians, and will add another for the next two Mondays. Travelers to either pub can pick up a passport and have it punched each time a new beer lands on their coaster and receive a commemorative glass at the end of their flights of liquid fancy.

Visit 7x7 to see the full schedule of events.