11/12/2012 04:20 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

Ernie Whitfield, 84-Year-Old Australian, Fights Off Armed Thieves

Age is just a number and no one knows this better than Ernie Whitfield, the 84-year-old Australian pensioner who single-handedly fought off a pair of armed robbers who had broken into his Port Macquarie home.

Whitfield was reportedly fast asleep when the two hooded men --wielding a knife, hammer and a metal pole—stormed his bedroom around 2 a.m. and demanded money, police said according to the Australian.

At first the retired builder pointed them towards his wallet, but after one of the thugs struck him with the pole, he decided they were messing with the wrong guy, reported Yahoo!7 news.

"I managed to get to the bathroom even though they didn't want me to move and I stood in front of the window and sung out as loud as I could, yelling 'help' about four times," Whitfield said, according to

When the thugs tried to stop him, Whitfield grabbed hold of the knife and broke off the blade. Before they got a chance to retaliate with the hammer, he threw one of the intruders to the ground and stabbed him in the stomach. He sent them running for their life with the metal pole that was lying on the ground.

Despite being cheered and championed as a “hero” by his friends and neighbors, Whitfield believes it was out of sheer luck that he managed to get out with only a few cuts and bruises. "I wouldn't suggest to anybody do to what I did," he told Yahoo!7 news.



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