11/12/2012 12:20 pm ET

John Leguizamo Takes On Bill O'Reilly Over GOP, Shift In White Political Power (VIDEO)

Emmy-winning actor John Leguizamo stopped by HuffPost Live to share his thoughts on the presidential election and how Latinos have shaped the political landscape. In an interview with host Alicia Menendez, he was critical of the conservative shuffle to explain their loss of the Latino vote, and how they intend to court it in the future.

“I feel like they’re even talking down when they’re trying to reach out,” he said. “They’re still doing us a favor. I know Bill O’Reilly feels like America’s changed and is no longer in the control of white power. But it never really has been. It’s been a false power. I mean, this country was founded by Latin people. We have been here all along. Some of us are from different parts of Latin America, but Mexicans have always been here. And the Spaniards discovered the country. You just have to understand that we’ve been here.”

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