11/12/2012 11:49 am ET

Lindsay Lohan Interview Demands From New PR Team Aim To Focus Attention On Acting Work

Lindsay Lohan is finally getting professional help, but not the sort you may be thinking -- rather, she has signed up with veteran public relations team Rogers & Cowan.

“Lindsay sees the debut of her new TV movie 'Liz & Dick' as a huge opportunity to hit the re-start button,” a friend of the troubled actress tells The Huffington Post. “She wants it to be an opportunity to remind people that she has talent and became famous as an actress, not as a tabloid personality."

What will likely be hard for Lindsay and her new team is focusing the promotions of the TV project on the actual work -- and not on what many see as her far-more-interesting personal problems. Already, a major interview scheduled with Barbara Walters for an episode of ABC's "20/20” has been canceled. It will be replaced with much shorter and safer interviews, with hosts who agree to play by Lindsay’s new rules.

“Before every interview, a discussion is had as to what cannot be asked,” one seasoned PR professional with A-list clients confirmed. “It will be similar to what happened with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart while promoting 'Twilight.' A generic question asking how Lindsay is doing will be asked followed by questions focused on the new project and what it feels like to return to acting.”

Lindsay has special reason to be worried, as she is currently being investigated for allegations that she lied to police in California after a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in June while she was still on probation. Lindsay’s new PR team did not respond to our requests for comment.



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