11/12/2012 03:03 pm ET

One Direction Fan Fiction: The 20 Most Overused Plot Devices, Phrases, And Moments

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It's no secret that reading and writing fan fiction can be one of the most entertaining parts of being a super-fan. A quick Google search turns up nearly 7.5 million results for "One Direction fan fiction" and another 2.9 million hits for "Justin Bieber fan fiction" -- and those are just two of the hundreds of subjects that set fans' minds to work. But, of course, these fan-written short stories aren't without their flaws.

Readers and writers of fan fiction turned to Twitter today to vent about #dumbfanfictionmoments. The biggest offenders included tired plot devices and overused phrases (How many times have you heard Harry Styles' eyes referred to as "green orbs?" Yeah, we thought so). Click through the slideshow below for the 20 most entertaining, spot-on and LOL-worthy tweets about fan fiction.

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Trending 20: #dumbfanficmoments