11/12/2012 10:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Charles In A Speedo? Not So Fast, Says The Royal (PHOTOS)

When royals go on a royal tour -- specifically, when Prince Charles and Camilla go on a royal tour -- things tend to get silly. Currently on a two-week trip to the Pacific, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have already hung out with kangaroos, cuddled koalas and taken in a touch football game in the rain.

But a royal tour ain't over until someone dons a Speedo. (Wouldn't it be great if that were a real rule?) At New Zealand's AUT Millennium sports training facility on Monday, Prince Charles and Camilla passed by the pool to greet several swimmers, one of whom apologized for not being able to curtsy in the water. Another young swimmer, Rachael Jones, told the prince that "he would look good in a pair of Speedos." His response? "He said he would have to hit the treadmill first," Jones told the New Zealand Herald.

So we probably won't see any "See Prince Charles In A Speedo!" headlines anytime soon. But for what it's worth, when chatting with several fashion models in South Africa last year, Charles admitted, "I'm a classic, timeless, man. My fashion sense only changes every 25 years." Perhaps he's due for a style makeover, skimpy swimwear included?

He could ask his son, Prince Harry, for tips.

Click to the New Zealand Herald to read more and see pics of Prince Charles by the pool below.


prince charles speedo

prince charles speedo

prince charles speedo

Prince Charles' Style Evolution

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