11/12/2012 06:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

DIY Nail Art: A Feather Manicure Made For Thanksgiving (PHOTO)

We can practically smell the macaroni and cheese, stuffing and sweet potato pie as we count down the days until Thanksgiving. And as we mentally construct the quickest routes home (and to the dinner table), it's only right that we choose DIY nail art that's appropriate for the food-filled holiday.

Sammy of The Nailasaurus created this feather manicure as part of her latest nail challenge. It instantly reminded us of a turkey's plumage. She layered real feathers onto a creamy almond-taupe polish for an interesting take on the animal-print trend. Scroll down for Sammy's step-by-step instructions on how to get this look.

diy nail art manicure feathers

Photos: Turkey, Getty Images; Essence Better Than Gel Nails; Essie Glamour Purse; Seche Vite dry fast top coat; The Nailasaurus' real feathers DIY nail art.

Step 1: Prepare all of the feathers you plan to use by cutting off the ends. Choose feathers (craft stores like Michaels carry faux options) that match the size of your nails so that you don't have too much overhang at the cuticles.
Step 2: Paint on your base color (Essie Glamour Purse), allow it to dry, then add a thick layer of top coat (Essence Better Than Gel Nails).
Step 3: While the top coat is still tacky, carefully place the feather on your nail. Gently press the feather down into the polish.
Step 4: When that's completely dry, apply a few coats of your fast-drying top coat (Seche Vite). Carry it past the end of your nail to make the feather hard and easy to cut or file.
Step 5: Use scissors or cuticle clippers to trim off the excess feather at the end of your nail. Dip a small brush into acetone to clean up around the cuticle.

What do you think about this feather manicure? Would you dress up your fingertips with real plumage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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DIY Nail Art

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