11/12/2012 12:47 pm ET

Channeling Lana Del Rey: The 'Paradise' Singer's Modern Take On '60s Glamour (PHOTOS)

Since the 2011 release of her debut single "Video Games," Lana Del Rey has remained in heavy rotation on our iPod's "25 Most Played" playlist. The Lake Placid native's raspy melodies on her indie pop records are just as fluid as her winged-out eyeliner. And with a sound that harkens back to the glamorous 1960s, it's no wonder that Del Rey has become fashion's latest darling.

While the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” has established a cult following with her retro arrangements (both musically and stylistically), she has managed to put a more modern spin on things, allowing Del Rey to come across in a more authentic look that is true to her own personal style. For example, pairing her pin-up girl curls and bubblegum pink lips with a diamond tooth cap. Now that's gangster! She also keeps us on our toes by wearing simple hair and makeup with stiletto nails painted in eye-catching colors. Del Rey's damn-near-dangerous claws may not be emblematic of a housewife, however, we can certainly appreciate the 26-year-old star's nostalgic nod to the sixties.

See why we're in love with Lana Del Rey's vintage-inspired beauty, then keep clicking through the slideshow below to shop products to get the look yourself.

Meanwhile, head over to HuffPost Entertainment for a sampler of Del Rey's latest album, Born to Die: The Paradise Edition.

Channeling Lana Del Rey

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