11/13/2012 04:21 pm ET

Courtney Stodden's Mother Thinks 'Couples Therapy' Star Should Be Paid For Interviews

There is nothing new about celebrities getting paid for interviews, and teen bride Courtney Stodden's mother hopes her daughter will soon cash in on what she believes is Courtney's rightful fee for speaking with the media. The "Couples Therapy" star is famous enough to get paid for interviews, Courtney's mom/manager Krista Keller thinks, according to one publicist who works with the family.

Krista "thinks Courtney should be paid to do interviews,” the publicist tells me. “Krista knows that Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake got paid for [their] wedding pictures. She can’t understand why Courtney shouldn't get paid.”

In recent statements to The Huffington Post, Krista made it clear that she has big plans for her daughter and herself. She even said a mother-daughter "momager" show could be in the works.

“Both of them have lost perspective of their real value. They see all the photographers following Courtney around and have convinced themselves that Courtney is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Now they are seeking to turn this fascination into cash," the publicist added.

Just this Saturday night, Courtney caused a media frenzy during a red-carpet appearance at SIX01 Studio in downtown Los Angeles. Busting out of her very low-cut scarlet gown, which was also slashed to the thigh, Courtney left red lipstick marks over husband Doug Hutchison's face to the delight of photographers.

“It’s easy to make fun of Courtney, but stranger things have happened in Hollywood. Who would ever have thought Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton would become so famous?” asks one celebrity weekly editor. “If she sells magazines, then she is being smart asking to make money too.”

Courtney's spokesperson, her mother, did not respond to calls for comment.




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