11/13/2012 05:33 pm ET

Julie, Woman On Laughing Gas, Can't Believe She Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out (VIDEO)

Julie, a young woman who just got her wisdom teeth pulled, is so high on laughing gas that she does not believe that the procedure occurred. Nor does she seem to care that her husband, Cameron, is pointing a camera at her.

Should you care? Only if you're a fan of exchanges such as this:

Cameron: "I went and got a shake... a milkshake."
Julie: "Oh! For me?"
Cameron: "Yeah. You already drank it."
Julie: "Oh, it was really good."
Cameron: "Good, because I didn't really get you one."

Apparently, Cameron posted the video of his wife to YouTube after editing together the funnier parts. The original video got more than a million viral views, but you've got to wonder if it was worth the heat that Cameron probably caught once Julie sobered up.

Whether you think this video is funny or not, nitrous oxide is no laughing matter. People have been known to die from overdoses of laughing gas during illegal recreational use.

As seen in this video, use of the gas severely impairs a person's ability to function normally. Earlier this month, a Florida dentist had her license suspended after allegedly inhaling laughing gas prior to performing procedures on patients.

(via Reddit)



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