11/13/2012 02:14 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2012 Sets The Stage For Sex In San Francisco's Armory (PHOTOS)

It's been a busy year for

The San Francisco-based fetish pornography company, situated inside the city's historic Armory building, has begun offering guided tours, opened a sister bar across the street and recently expanded operations down to Los Angeles. Oh yeah, and there's also that major motion picture starring James Franco and Heather Graham.

Our friends over at California Home and Design recently stopped by the massive Moorish castle that Kink calls home to tour the company's sex-positive stage sets. "Christopher Gaw and his team have a guiding principle: CYFOI," wrote CHD's Mary Jo Bowling. "In other words, “can you f@$% on it?”

Kink founder Peter Acworth, a former finance PhD at Columbia University, expressed gratitude to San Francisco for allowing his operation to flourish inside such a notable setting. "There are a few cities where I could have been successful," he told The Huffington Post back in September. "But I don't know if any would have been progressive enough to allow us to buy a registered historic landmark as our center of operations."

Take a peek at a few of Kink's sets below, and visit California Home and Design for the full tour.