11/13/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Madonna Moons Fans To Raise Money For Sandy Victims

Madonna has been doing a lot more than singing on her MDNA world tour -- a series of concerts across Europe, South America and North America.

Besides flashing her nipple for a crowd in Istanbul and performing a striptease for Malala Yousafzai, the “Material Girl” mooned the crowd to raise money for Superstorm Sandy victims at her New York City concert on Nov. 12, according to

She told the Madison Square Garden crowd that she was, "showing [my] naked ass for Hurricane Sandy victims" and encouraged fans to throw money onto stage to raise money for those affected, according to

She added, "If you are going to look at the crack of my ass, you better raise some cash," according to the news outlet.

This isn't Madonna's first time pulling down her pants on stage. Back in June, she mooned her audience at her concert in Rome.

Earlier that day, Madonna visited the hard-hit Rockaways in New York City’s borough of Queens, according to the NY Daily News.

“It's amazing how not a big deal this was. She had one bodyguard, and only a few people around,” Mark Winkel, a volunteer told the NY Daily News. “It was pretty cool seeing her there.”

Madonna visited the area with by the Museum of Modern Art and PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach, who has a home in the area and is actively involved with the Facebook group, "Aid for Rockaway," according to the Biesenbach tweeted about Madonna's visit saying, "thanks to madonna for volunteering and keeping the hopes up in the rockaways today!"

The queen of pop visited the Rockaways for a reason. On Nov. 3 Madonna and other entertainers like Lady Gaga, James Franco and Gwyneth Paltrow pledged their support for Superstorm Sandy victims in the Rockaways in an open letter they penned to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, published in

And despite Madge’s questionable behavior at her concerts, the pop star showed her serious side when she opened up to her Monday night audience. Right before she performed "Masterpiece" she shared what she saw in the Rockaways, according to

"It was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity. People sharing with other people, people working hard, cleaning houses, handing out food, blankets giving love and a hug," she told the crowd.

Learn how to help the Rockaways here and see HuffPost's list of ways to support Sandy victims.



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