11/13/2012 03:45 pm ET

Massachusetts Teen Mom Accused Of Poisoning Infant

A teenage mother in Massachusetts has been arrested for allegedly poisoning the infant son of another juvenile mother, police said.

The infant boy, less than one year old, was taken Friday to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, where he was treated by doctors and released.

The infant's mother is enrolled in a Dare Family Services residential program for pregnant and parenting teens in Newburyport.

Police are alleging that another mother at the establishment –- a teen mom unrelated to the infant victim -- added a poison substance to the boy's formula.

The suspect, whose name is being withheld because she is under the age of 17, was allegedly caught hiding in Cambridge on Friday.

"The one that had allegedly done the poisoning had left the home and had run away and it was after she left the home that they realized what had actually happened there," Thomas Howard, city marshal of the Newburyport Police Department told WHDH News.

The juvenile suspect in the case is charged with attempted poisoning and is being held without bail.

Newburyport police declined to comment on a possible motive for the alleged poisoning.

"I really can't [comment on that] because of the nature of the suspect being a juvenile and the victim also being a juvenile. [Because of their age] we're not able to give as much information," detective Matthew Simons told The Huffington Post.

According to WHDH, the teen moms had been at the home for less than a year. The station also reported that they received information from an unidentified source who stated that a cleaning product used in the facility was the poison the suspect allegedly added to the baby formula.

Dare Family Services has reportedly been cooperating with authorities in the investigation. The Department of Children and Families is also assisting, police said.

The suspect is awaiting arraignment in Newburyport District Court. That proceeding is expected to take place sometime this week, according to Newburyport News.



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