11/13/2012 11:49 am ET

Metrcocard Refunds: MTA Will Not Reimburse That Unlimited Monthly Card You Bought Before Sandy

The MTA announced on Monday that the agency would not be reimbursing customers who purchased unlimited Metrocards prior to Hurricane Sandy.

The New York Times reports an anonymous MTA official said any efforts to reimburse straphangers would result in a "logistical nightmare," and a lawyer for the Straphangers Campaign agreed.

Gene Russianoff explained, "There’s no way to really calculate the number of trips not taken by the riders. At least this time they offered free fares on the Thursday and Friday after the hurricane. I thought that was a good gesture to the riding public.”

The monthly Metrocard costs $104 and the weekly option costs $29.

A slight bummer, but all things considered, the MTA did indeed provide two days of free service in light of Governor Cuomo's "transportation emergency."

Even more, the agency's phenomenal work to restore subway service in the wake of the storm's unprecedented flooding and destruction gives the MTA a bit of leeway, right?

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South Ferry Subway Station