11/13/2012 04:40 pm ET

Nestor Dib, Argentinian Reporter, Sucker Punched On Camera By Angry Protester (VIDEO)

Nestor Dib, a television reporter with Argentinian station Canal 5 Noticias, got more than he bargained for while reporting on protests in Buenos Aires on Nov. 5.

As cameras rolled live, a protester appeared to sucker punch the reporter from behind, putting him in a headlock and dragging him off the screen.

Shocked anchors in the C5N studio can be heard in the background, saying in Spanish, "No no! What a coward, from behind!" according to Nine MSN.

Argentinian police arrested the protester, identified as Nicolas Ayuso, shortly after the incident, according to The Telegraph. Despite a black eye, Dib kept on reporting.

In an effort to defend himself, Ayuso took to Twitter, accusing the station of harassing him all day, according to Gawker, and telling them to "stop lying."

Ayuso was taking part in massive anti-government protests at the time of the incident. Last week, thousands of Argentinians banged pots and pans during the series of "cacerolazos," protests named for the cooking pots hit to raise awareness of national problems, such as crime rates, inflation and corruption, according to CNN.



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