11/13/2012 03:08 pm ET

New CTA Rail Cars Hit The Red Line (PHOTOS)

Love them or hate them, the CTA's new "5000-style" rail cars are reportedly here to stay and, on Monday, they made their debut on the agency's busiest line.

Two of the eight-car trains hit the Red Line Monday and more are expected to be added to the line as more become available, according to the Chicago Tribune.

CTA President Forrest Claypool said in a statement that the agency is "pleased the new rail cars will be added to the CTA’s busiest rail line, offering customers a more comfortable ride and modern amenities" such as LED displays indicating upcoming stops and the date and time, WBEZ reports.

(Scroll down to view photos of the new CTA rail cars.)

According to the Associated Press, the city has ordered about $1.2 billion worth of the new cars, which will eventually replace the 35-year-old cars currently used on the Red Line. The new cars, built by Bombardier, are already in use on the CTA's Pink Line and Green Line, having debuted last year.

Though some "intensely" dislike the new rail car's New York City MTA-style center-facing seating, Claypool told the Tribune earlier this fall that the cars are "here to stay."



CTA 5000-Style Rail Cars