11/13/2012 09:37 am ET

'Revolution': Billy Burke Says No 'Twilight' Guest Stars On His Show

Don't expect any "Twilight" stars to show up on "Revolution" -- series star Billy Burke has put his foot down.

"It would just be weird if any of those actors showed up on this show," Burke, who plays Bella's (Kristen Stewart) father in the franchise, told TV Guide. "I think it would be distracting. I love all of them, every single one of them to death, but to have even a cameo would just take you out of the show. So, my answer is: Sorry guys, I love you all, but none of you."

Burke stars in NBC's new hit series as Miles Matheson, a former US Marine-turned rebel fighting against the Militia after all the world's electronics went dark. The show takes place 15 years after phones, TVs, refrigerators, etc. stopped working.

Series creator Eric Kripke told EW what he was hoping to accomplish with the series pitch. "I wanted to take everything I love about Lord of the Rings -- swords and swashbuckling and quests and damsels in distress -- put all that deep nerd fantasy stuff on the American highway,” Kripke said.

While Burke may not want any of his former co-stars on the show, his co-star, Elizabeth Mitchell, would welcome her former "Lost" co-stars on the show.

"You know, I absolutely love them, but I also love that they're off doing their own thing," Mitchell told HuffPost TV about reuniting with her co-stars. "The idea of acting with them again is such a joy, but I'm also really blessed to kind of have them in my world now. I don't really feel -- kind of the world has lost them, but I feel like I haven't. I still get to be around or talk to these wonderful people. So yes, of course that's always fun. Michael Emerson -- I always relish the idea of playing with him again. He couldn't be more fun to play with."

"Revolution" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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