11/13/2012 02:47 pm ET

San Francisco Hoodie Map: Which 'Hood Has The Most Hoodies?

San Francisco's dense concentration of hoodies is an indelible part of the city's very DNA.

What do hipsters wear while drinking PBR tall cans on blustery days in Dolores Park? What do bros in the Marina wear to let everyone know which fraternity they were in? What $60 souvenir are shivering tourists forced to pick up after mistakenly assuming San Francisco would be warm in August?

Hella hoodies, yo.

But the question remains: which neighborhood has the highest density of hoodies? (And just because the Mission has a store called Density that sells hoodies, it doesn't automatically win.)

The good people over at Burrito Justice have finally attempted to answer this question with some certainty. The site hosted a survey asking respondents how many where they lived and how many hoodies they owned. Yes, pet hoodies were also counted.

Click here for a navigational map version of the results.

It turns out the residents of Ingleside, North Beach and the Presidio have the most hoodies per capita.

So Burrito Justice, what did we learn?:

Can we safely extrapolate? We have a sample size of about 500 responses, with an average of about 4 hoodies per person. I am no Nate Silver, but I think it’s safe to say there are more hoodies than people in San Francisco, especially with that fat tail. If we run with a conservative estimate of 4 hoodies per person, we are looking at over 3 million hoodies in 49 square miles.

This hoodie quotient will likely to rise even higher now that Facebooker-In-Chief Mark Zuckerberg has moved to the Mission.

Check out this slideshow with visualizations of the hoodie survey data:



San Francisco Hoodie Map