11/13/2012 09:47 am ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Camel Coats To Keep You Toasty This Winter (PHOTOS)

Just follow Lindsay Lohan's lead.

When we were in college, my best friend purchased a camel coat from Benetton. The coat was very sophisticated: sleek lines, rich brown buttons and soft to the touch. When I asked her why she bought it (as I started to question my lint-covered Patagonia fleece) she replied, "My mom will be so thrilled to see me finally looking like a grown-up when I step off the plane in this coat."

She was right: Camel coats are classic and ladylike. The outerwear is so named because they are actually made of the soft hair that camels shed in warmer months, usually blended with wool. The hair is lightweight while also being extremely warm. However, these days it's also common to find coats that are only camel-colored. The warm caramel shade is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous sea of black and navy coats come wintertime.

Check out our gallery of ten camel-colored coats to keep you warm this winter.

Every Girl Should Own: A Camel Coat

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