11/14/2012 06:52 am ET

Burrito Roulette: An Adventurous Way To Eat Tex-Mex

Flickr: SodanieChea

If you've ever been into drinking games -- like flip cup or beer pong -- burrito roulette is right up your alley. Burrito roulette, an adventurous eating game, is exactly what it sounds like: a very dangerous thing to do with burritos.

Playing burrito roulette involves a massive consumption of burritos in one sitting (three to be exact) and being brave enough to face a high level on the Scoville scale (with the help of habanero extract). To get the exact rules for this game, let reddit user: rodgercattelli explain it to you.

Why would anyone want to play this game? Well, for one, it's a great excuse to eat a lot of burritos. Secondly, you can make a little bit of money doing it. And at least you won't wake up with a hangover from hell which drinking games always result in -- but you may want to keep a packet of tums very close by.

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