11/14/2012 11:22 am ET Updated Oct 21, 2013

David Hasselhoff Talks Guiltiest Pleasure, Dating Deal-Breaker For HuffPost's #nofilter


These days, our knowledge of celebrities too often originates with paparazzi images and snarky quotes by anonymous "insiders." After a while, it's easy to forget that stars are real people. That's why HuffPost Celebrity decided to launch its all-new #nofilter quick-fire question and answer series. Because how well do you know someone until they've shared their guiltiest pleasures?

There's nothing like a little David Hasselhoff to bring people together -- that's exactly why our favorite red swimsuit-wearing Hasselhunk was chosen as the MTV European Music Awards' social media correspondent. And though The Hoff may be all about community in the digital sphere, don't even think about asking him to come over for Christmas dinner -- that's a deal-breaker.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?
My guiltiest pleasure is betting on football. I’m addicted to betting on football, I love it. It's a part of my life that will never leave.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
That's a great question. I would probably just have a nice big turkey dinner.

How did you get on death row?
I got on death row because I bet too much money on football.

What's your dating deal-breaker?
My dating deal-breaker is going to my girlfriend's Christmas party. That is a deal-breaker. Over.

What's one thing you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of someone else?
You have seen everything, like it or not. I don't think I have anything left. Probably, change outfits.

What's on your nightstand?
"The Measure of a Man" by Sidney Poitier and my cellphone, my regular phone, a flashlight for earthquakes and something else that you would use behind closed doors.

Who's your ideal drinking buddy, living or dead?
No, no I don't drink anymore. I’m drinking a Red Bull right now because I’m leaving for Europe, flying to London to raise money for a Welsh School, then going to Elton John’s AIDS party. But to have a non-alcoholic drink with, Sammy Davis Jr.

If you could ask Kim Kardashian any question, what would it be?



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