11/14/2012 10:54 am ET

Khandi Busby, Texas Mom Who Threw Sons Over Bridge Onto Highway, Released From Jail

A Texas mother who threw her children from an interstate overpass because she thought Satan and the military were chasing them was released from jail on Monday.

Khandi Busby, 32, will be forced to live in a Dallas boarding house and remains barred from seeing her two sons as a result of the March 2008 incident, NBC News reports.

She has many, many restrictions, as well as things she has to do as part of her treatment,” defense attorney Vanita Budhrani White told the Dallas Morning News. "And obviously if she doesn't do one of those many things she has in her treatment plan, the court is going to be notified."

In 2010, a judge found Busby, who jumped from the bridge after tossing over her children, not guilty on account of insanity, the Associated Press reports.

Both children -- 6 and 8 at the time -- survived the plunge. Social workers placed the boys in foster care under permanent custody of Child Protective Services.

"If she doesn’t take her medication, that’s going to be reported to us and the judge can put her back in jail and send her back to the hospital," said Dominique Collins, a Dallas County assistant district attorney, according to the New York Daily News.



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