11/14/2012 10:31 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Sportswriters TORCH Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria After Blue Jays Trade (PHOTOS)

Marlins fans may no longer surprised by fire sales, but they smart even more when you're holding a $2.4 billion bill for a brand new stadium and suffering an SEC investigation over the deal.

And that doesn't make them right. When the Fish traded away nearly every impact player on the roster last night, slashing payroll to a coin purse after promising things would be different this time, the sportswriting establishment got their blood on:

The conspiracy lives. It lives in Miami, where they're destroying baseball, just like they did in another city before. It lives in the hands of Jeffrey Loria and David Samson, the owner and president of the Marlins, the con artists who pilfered Miami's money before moving on to its dignity. And it lives especially with Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball who's letting it all happen again, because he's part and parcel to it.

By now, in the fallout of a trade nuclear even by Marlins standards, Samson and Loria have been marked radioactive. To dump $181 million in salary like they did Tuesday –- to trade Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio to Toronto for a few prospects, a bad-attitude shortstop and a backup catcher –- was galling even by their standards. And these were two men who for years lied about their finances, lied about their intentions, lied all to get Miami to build them a $634 million ballpark that was supposed to end this wretched cycle of turning a major league franchise into a swap meet.

And that's just Yahoo's Jeff Passan warming up, hours after Deadspin posted an epic rant-cap of just one year in Little Havana. Check out the meanest things we've seen so far about the Marlins, and Loria in particular:

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