11/14/2012 04:30 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

'New Girl': Carla Gugino Takes Control Of Schmidt's Sex Life With An Iron-Clad Contract (VIDEO)

"New Girl" took a page from "50 Shades of Grey" with the addition of Carla Gugino as the "Vice President of Everything" at Schmidt's company. She's a take-charge woman who sees what she wants and just takes it. In this case, she wanted Schmidt -- just after he read and signed a binding contract.

Since Gugino's character is into some pretty heavy stuff that she knew would blow Schmidt's mind, so she wanted an iron-clad contract to protect her. Schmidt was still reeling from parting ways with CeCe, so he decided to sign this contract and see just what she had in store for him.

And things appeared to only be getting started in this new "relationship." Schmidt earned a hard-fought victory by taking his pants off after being bound tightly, so that was one point for him. It may be the only one he earns by the time she's done with him.

Elsewhere in the house, Nick found a wise and strangely silent guru to help him with his anger, Winston was an emotional wreck after his break-up, and Jess finally got herself together and found a job -- after a little help from a terrible water therapy session with Nick.

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