11/14/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tyvek: Listen To New Song, 'Wayne County Roads' off 'On Triple Beams'

Tyvek is back.

The Detroit five-piece band released their third album, "On Triple Beams," on Nov. 13. Pitchfork reviewed the band's new single, "Wayne County Roads," a garage-tinged spoken-word stomper that begs the question, "Can you explain to me just how we get home?"

Wrote Pitchfork, "It's explosive and restrained, stupid-simple and arch in the same breath."

Tyvek's bandmembers once told a journalist, "there’s always good stuff going on in Detroit, but it seems like it always gets ignored by the local music establishment and media and other related nitwits."

On that note, have a listen to "Wayne County Roads." Order "On Triple Beams" as an LP or CD through In The Red Records.

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