11/15/2012 01:57 pm ET

Ask the Headhunter: The "Dirty Little Secret" of Age Discrimination

Nick Corcodilos is an expert on how to get a job. We ran into him while doing a story on the relative futility of Internet job boards and asked him to post his own job search secrets. It became a palpable hit, so we asked Nick if he wouldn't mind taking some questions from our readers. It turns out that in addition to giving interviews to PBS, Nick hosts a website called, and publishes a free weekly -- the Ask The Headhunter© Newsletter.

HR Guy: Nick, You have one the best blogs and websites devoted to job search and career development. I have spent over 25 years in HR working for Fortune 100 companies. One of the many "dirty little secrets" in larger corporations is the pervasiveness of age discrimination. Most people in corporations know it exists but won't acknowledge it publicly. Do you have any useful ideas for how the over-40 candidate can solve this?

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