11/15/2012 03:53 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Baltimore Bus Driver Suspended After Fighting With Female Passenger In YouTube Clip (VIDEO)

A Baltimore bus driver has reportedly been suspended from her job after a video that shows her fighting with a young female passenger went viral.

It is unclear as to who initiated the brawl, which was caught on tape and posted on YouTube Tuesday; however, based on the clip, it seems that the bus driver managed to overcome the passenger, TMZ notes.

ABC writes:

When the video begins, the female bus driver is standing over the passenger and struggling with her as the teenager kicks and punches the bus driver. When the passenger stands up, the two wrangle their way to the back of the vehicle with the bus driver holding the girl by her arm and by her hair. The two wrestle to the back of the bus with the girl throwing several punches at the driver's head and shoulder. The driver pushes the girl into a corner seat.

In the video, the bus operator appears to say that the altercation was "about being disrespectful." The description that accompanies the YouTube clip claims the bus driver attacked the student "because her music was too loud."

According to the Baltimore Sun, the bus driver has been suspended by the Maryland Transit Administration pending a police investigation into the brawl.

Terry Owens, an MTA spokesman, told the newspaper that the bus driver has worked for the MTA since 2003.

Owens added that police have spoken the driver and the passenger, neither of whom has been identified. Authorities are "continuing their investigation."

"Police will review the YouTube video. They are also pulling the video from the bus to see if it provides a more thorough picture of what happened," Owens said.

This is the second viral video of bus driver violence that has made the rounds on the Internet in recent weeks. Last month, The Huffington Post reported that a Cleveland, Ohio, bus driver was videotaped delivering an "uppercut punch" directly to a woman's jaw. The passenger had apparently been taunting him during the ride.