11/15/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2012

Combat City Confusion: Despite Media Reports, Florida Shooting Facility Doesn't Let People Shoot At Each Other (UPDATE)

Media confusion ran rampant regarding Combat City, a shooting facility in central Florida, thanks to numerous reports that incorrectly indicated that the business allows customers to shoot each other with their own guns.

Numerous outlets, including the The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Florida Sun-Sentinel, WKMG-TV, WMAR-TV and NBC Sports, reported that the business modifies a customer's own guns to shoot rubber bullets and then allows customers to shoot each other a la paintball.

Combat City owner Dave Kaplan clarified to The Huffington Post that the company has two completely different services: One a paintball-like game using AirSoft guns, and the other Simunition training, a program that teaches customers to use their own guns in simulated situations.

The inaccuracies started when a report combined the two programs into one and other media picked it up, including The Huffington Post.