11/15/2012 12:16 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

David Letterman, Alec Baldwin Joke About Secession: Call It 'The United States of Caucasia' (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin and David Letterman want to know what secessionists will call their new Union. Maybe "The United States of Caucasia?"

Baldwin, an avid Barack Obama supporter, sat down with Letterman on Wednesday night for "The Late Show" and discussed how good he feels about the election results. His happiness juxtaposes the unhappiness of thousands of people from states across the nation who signed petitions to officially secede from the United States.

"I read that now several states want to secede from the United States because of the results of the election," Baldwin told Letterman. "And It's so strange because I had many of those on a list of states I would like to secede from the United States." Adding, "The people that are leading that movement, it’s amazing, because we actually agree on something for the first time. That secession.”

“And what will they do? I’d kind of like to see this,” Letterman asked.

“What would they call it?" responded Baldwin. "The United Flakes of America? The United States of Caucasia?”

Letterman and Baldwin's comments follows those of Jon Stewart, whose response to secessionists is a blithe, emotionless "Stop. Don't. Come back."

But he gets it. "At least now, I'm beginning to understand why some Southern states were so hesitant to get rid of the Confederate flag," Stewart said. "It's like keeping your fat pants after you lose some weight. You're happy for now with the new you, but pretty soon you're gonna need those fat pants again."

As of Thursday, residents from all 50 states had filed secession petitions via the "We the People" online petition tool. Texas has acquired the most signatures, with more than 107,000 in support of seceding.

[h/t Mediaite for the find.]