11/15/2012 03:21 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

Italy's Top Attractions: Taking The 'Trap' Out Of Tourist Trap

Across the globe, lucky souls are packing for Italy to explore the famed marvels of ancient Rome, find romance along Venice's teal-blue canals - and well-meaning friends are still trying to talk them out of it. 'You're going where? When? But it's a tourist trap!' they gasp.

This popular wisdom may sound sensible when it comes to Italy's prime attractions at the height of holiday season, but it's terrible travel advice. Yes, you may encounter queues and blazing sunshine on your way to Italy's wonders, but with some sunscreen and the pointers below, you can minimise excess exposure. So scandalise the neighbours, and ignore their advice. After 2000 years, the world's best travel tip still comes from ancient Rome: carpe diem (seize the day).

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