11/15/2012 11:14 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Nintendo-Addicted '90s Kids Were Sent To Therapy, Vintage News Segment Reveals (VIDEO)

Parents in 2012 may feel as though they are the first generation of moms and dads to grapple with kids who are addicted to gaming. But just because teens weren't playing complicate multi-player alternate reality games doesn't mean '90s parents weren't concerned, too. Their kids had... Super Nintendo.

A video that Buzzfeed Rewind discovered on YouTube shows families in therapy because of Nintendo. The session appeared to be an open, safe place for "Nin-ten-pendent" kids to talk about their feelings and for parents to express their concerns.

Though the clip itself is hilarious (the reporter's head is placed within a video game), and the idea of Nintendo Lovers Anonymous is laughable too, in recent years, researchers have pin-pointed why gaming addiction is nothing to joke about. Lisa Belkin, HuffPost senior columnist, reports that "playing video games lowers sleep quality and memory in young teens,ᅡᅠcauses visible changes to the risk and reward processing centers of the brain,ᅡᅠand has been shown to decrease attention spanᅡᅠor increase itᅡᅠbut definitely to alter it."

Since this news segment originally aired, parents still haven't found a perfect solution of how to handle gaming addiction. But the reporter is right about one thing -- "things have definitely come a long way since Pacman."

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