11/15/2012 07:06 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Kristen Radan, Croatian Boxer, Disqualified From Match For Punching Referee In The Face (VIDEO)

A Croatian boxer seems to have missed the memo that a big part of boxing success is learning to control one's emotions.

Kristen Radan lost his head during a recent bout with Slovenia's Blaz Sedej, when he inexplicably took a swing at the referee, Croatia Week notes. The official came over to break up the tangled fighters when Radan reached back and punched him on the side of the face. The ref immediately disqualified Radan and awarded Sedej with the victory.

As MSN quips, "A left hook to the jaw of the referee is no way to win points, son."

It's hard to fathom exactly what Radan was thinking, considering the punch came before his DQ, whereas many fighters who attack refs do so in reaction to an unfavorable ruling. Last year, for example, Armenian fighter Khoren Gevor went after an official after he disqualified him for headbutting Germany's Robert Stieglitz.