11/15/2012 08:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Jessica Parker Before 'Sex And The City' (PHOTOS)

When most of us think of Sarah Jessica Parker we think of the fashion-forward looks that the "Sex and the City" star is known for. But before Carrie Bradshaw and the Manolos, SJP was a child star who got her start on stage rather than on screen. Since her days on Broadway she has won four Golden Globe Awards, married actor Matthew Broderick (with whom she has three children), acted as a producer for an independent film and released her own perfume (we're exhausted just listing her accomplishments).

In this 1989 photo we see the fashionista at a pro-choice rally, in a relaxed ensemble. Her oversized white blouse and blue jeans make up a classic, if understated look -- nothing is sexier than a white button-down. Her famous blonde locks are as curly as ever, but what we can't stop looking at is the accessory she is wearing in her hair -- is that a scrunchie? Does anyone remember the episode where SJP rips on scrunchies? Well, it seems like someone was once a fan.

sarah jessica parker


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