11/15/2012 11:41 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Tara Tan, Pregnant Standard Hotel Manager, Denied Maternity Leave After Giving Birth In Hotel Room: Lawsuit

A former manager at the Standard Hotel has filed a discrimination suit against her superiors after she claims she was denied maternity leave and fired because she did not "fit the culture" of the trendy hotel.

Tara Tan, 42, said problems began in March when she gave birth without a doctor inside one of the Standard's guest rooms.

According to court papers, the hotel provided no assistance while in labor and even forced her to exit through a side door, so as not to disturb the chic clientele attending the Standard's weekly Friday night ragers.

Furthermore, Tan says that just three days after she gave birth, she was working remotely, yet was docked pay for time missed.

Before the birth, Tan worked up to 100 hours a week. She was eventually fired in August and is now suing for $10 million.

The hotel, located in the Meatpacking District, a neighborhood Gawker once said could "steal your soul," is known for its sexualized culture, most notably demonstrated by its NSFW peep show.

Tan, who is Malaysian but of Chinese descent, says she was fired for not being a white, thin, young employee.

But if hotel employees were indeed appalled by a woman being forced to give birth at the Standard, let us look back at the hotel's questionable advertisements promoting glamour through the image of a leggy model urinating on a rug in the presence of other guests.

The Standard has yet to comment on the lawsuit.