11/15/2012 04:53 am ET

'Whitney' Premiere: Every Good Fake Wedding Needs Fake Wedding Vows To Go With It (VIDEO)

After being scheduled on Fridays -- along with "Community," though neither will ever air there -- "Whitney" found a home on NBC's Wednesday nights. The second season premiered and it picked up right where the first season left, both in terms of plot and tone.

The center of the show remains the non-relationship between Whitney and Alex. In fact, this week it was the only plot as their circle of friends -- minus Maulik Pancholy, who headed back to "30 Rock" for its final season -- dealt with their non-marriage.

After failing to get married, Alex and Whitney settled on matching tattoos. And then they decided to just say they were married, even though they weren't. When Whitney's mother found out it wasn't a real marriage, she left, which lead to Whitney feeling a real emotion and crying.

Since she's not used to being able to rely on people. Whitney ran away from Alex rather than let him take care of her, until he forced the issue. It looks like the couple is going to grow a little closer this season, and Whitney might actually become vulnerable -- but probably only a little.

EW wasn't impressed, writing that the premiere "played like an episode of "Mad About You" during one of its later, talkier, more tedious seasons." But Glamour holds out hope, saying that Whitney Cummings has potential, and maybe the show will one day catch up to her.

Will you keep watching "Whitney," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC?

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