11/16/2012 01:06 pm ET

Frank Crisci, Haunted House Creator, Arrested On Child Porn Charges In Florida

Styrofoam tombstones and fake zombies are by no means the scariest things in Frank Crisci's home.

The 49-year-old, well-known in Palm Beach County, Fla. for turning his Boynton beach residence into an elaborate haunted house each Halloween, was arrested Wednesday on ten counts of child porn possession, the Palm Beach Post reports.

In September, the Palm County Sheriff's office received three tips, according to the Sun Sentinel. Two were from Yahoo, stating that a user of photo-sharing website Flickr had been uploading child porn, and one was from AOL, reporting that someone with the email address had been emailing child porn to another account.

In the email, the message accompanying the attached photos read:

"Now that I'm all calm down, I can say thank you for the very erotic pictures. I enjoyed them, so much. I love seeing little girls in sexual situations like that. WOW. There are a few photos I have like that but only a few. That's why I'm looking for more."

Police say that in all three cases, the offending IP address led to Crisci's home.

The arrest report states that after obtaining a warrant to search the house, investigators found a safe containing a CD with several images of adult men performing sex acts with young children. Crisci allegedly admitted that the CD was his.

In 2008, the former New York firefighter spent $26,000 turning his home into a spooky spectacle.

For the past several years, hundreds of people have visited the residence on Halloween, according to WPTV, and neighbors say that local children frequently played at the house and swam in Crisci's pool.

If convicted, Crisci could spend up to fifty years in prison.



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