11/16/2012 10:15 am ET

I'm Not Sexy And I'm Totally Okay With That

First, I'd like to note that I pitched this piece before Chaya wrote “Life is Hard Enough Without People Looking at Your Butt." Separately, I’d like to say that in no way do I judge anyone who dresses in a “sexy” manner. I’ve seen a bunch of writers on this site rock some super sexy looks and all that matters to me is that they are happy with the way they look. Which, from what I’ve seen, they totally should be.

Saturday night, I was walking in the Mission when a man called out to me, “Ooooooooh, girl. Look at that ass.” This isn’t the first time in my life this has happened, as I happen to have the type of derriere that solicits catcalls, but instead of being huffy, insulted or put out, I simply smiled with a shy shrug and said, “Thank you.”

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