11/16/2012 04:38 pm ET

In Post-Deployment Reintegration, Families Struggle To Reconnect (VIDEO)

With two wars drawing to a close, military families that were accustomed to living apart are reintegrating. On a segment for HuffPost Live, guests Jeff and Sherri Hall discussed their family's issues with post-deployment reintegration.

Major Hall, an Operations Training Officer, struggled with deciding how to move forward with his career after leaving command, causing him a great deal of stress. At one point, he asked his family to pack up and leave.

“About two-and-a-half years after I came back, I had grown angry about everything, and it was kind of a mechanism for me to protect them,” he told host Nancy Redd. “I didn’t want them to be around me anymore. I was angry all the time, the house was, in my words, unhappy. The kids were unhappy. Sheri was unhappy. And I thought it was me that was causing it all -- for their own protection.”

Joining Redd and the Halls in the discussion were Rebekah Sanderlin, an army wife, mother, and freelance journalist and Mike Schindler, CEO of Operation Military Family.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.