11/16/2012 08:38 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

'Slutever' San Francisco: Vice TV Sex Show Comes To Folsom Street Fair, Dubs City 'Sex Mecca' (VIDEO)

Vice TV's New York-based sex show 'Slutever' took a trip to San Francisco on Friday, dubbing our fair city the "sex mecca."

"I heard through the Internet grapevine that there's a place outside of New York where everyone loves one another," said host Karley Sciortino. "People roam the street naked, swinging around leather pride flags. This magical place is known as San Francisco. Is this, like, heaven?"

Yes, Karley. It Is.

"Wow, it smells like freedom and semen here," she exclaimed upon arriving. "Love it!"

In the episode, Sciortino explores the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco's famed celebration of fetish and BDSM, and one of the city's largest fundraisers.

Sciortino's Clueless-style gawking may not sit well with Folsom purists. But though the approach may be irreverent, the content is not.

In the video, Sciortino interviews Folsom Street Fair Executive Director Dimitri Moshoyannis, as well as a member of and dozens of participants, outlining the history of the festival and explaining various fetishes for the vanilla viewers.

One participant sums up one appeal of fetish quite nicely, in our humble opinion: "I'm 57 and I think play is really essential to your spirit and to keeping you youthful," she said. "I feel very young."

Sciortino also gets whipped, dances with nudists and receives a titillating lady lap dance. So we've gotta give the girl some credit.

"San Francisco is like a judgment-free zone!" she exclaimed. "But I prefer New York because people dress better."

Even we can't argue with that.

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