11/16/2012 07:25 am ET

'Restore The Shore': Snooki Surveys The Damage In Seaside Heights From Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO)

The Jersey Shore became more than a place on the East Coast when MTV turned it into a television show about a bunch of meatballs getting drunk and acting crazy all over it. "Jersey Shore" became a cultural phenomenon forever tied to the landmarks of the Garden State. So it was completely fitting that the cast of "Jersey Shore" came together after Hurricane Sandy for "Restore the Shore," a telethon to benefit their beloved home.

"I say if the ‘Jersey Shore’ house survives us, it’s gonna survive anything," Snooki said from a helicopter surveying the damage. As has been previously reported, the "Jersey Shore" house survived the storm unscathed, but much of the surrounding areas did not, including the Shore Store where the gang worked.

"We are going to build Seaside [Heights] bigger and better and just make it more fabulous than it ever was," Snooki said.

They were joined by cast members from other MTV shows like "Teen Wolf" and "Awkward.," while Gym Class Heroes and Phillip Phillips performed musical numbers.

To help "Restore the Shore," you can text the word Shore to 85944 to make a $10 donation, or log on to

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