11/17/2012 03:52 pm ET

Chris Collins, Republican New York Rep.-Elect, Attends Democratic Caucus Meeting

New York Rep.-elect Chris Collins kicked his congressional career off with a bit of confusion.

Collins, a Republican, was seen running out of a Democratic caucus meeting on November 14, according to Roll Call's Heard on the Hill.

A Democratic staffer told Roll Call Collins asked her what meeting he was attending. When she told him it was the Democratic Caucus, Collins reportedly exclaimed, "Oh sh*t, I'm in the wrong meeting."

Despite his apparent surprise, a Collins aide played down any mistake. Roll Call reports:

A Collins aide suggested it was all part of the boss’s master plan.

“Congressman-elect Collins believes very strongly in reaching bipartisan solutions to fix this country’s problems. What better way to accomplish that than introducing himself to his colleagues on the other side of the aisle,” the budding spinmeister assured HOH.

Collins later brushed off the incident himself, saying "it was a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to all the Democrats."

Collins, a former Erie County executive, defeated Rep. Kathleen Hochul in New York's 27th Congressional District earlier this month.



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