11/19/2012 05:47 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Amira Young: Did Single Friends Kill My Marriage? (VIDEO)

Amira Young’s friend gave her some controversial advice right before her marriage ended in divorce. In a blog post, Young revealed that her friend “said that if I wanted to stay married, I needed to hang around the right people, namely, "married and coupled people." She elaborated: "If you want to be single, keep hanging out with your single friends and you will be."

On a segment for HuffPost Live, Young further explored how friendships with singles may affect marriage, and if they were at the root of her own divorce.

“I examined quite a few of my friendships, particularly with two of my male friends who are described in the piece,” she said. “In truth, it was not the friendships themselves, even though there have been claims of emotional affairs, which was not the case. I realized that it’s because I had good friends, but I put those friends first, beyond my marriage. Which is not something you should do. Your marriage should come first.”

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.