11/19/2012 12:14 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Cop Shoots At Driver: Gold Coast Robbery Suspect Tried To Run Officer Over During Getaway

A Chicago police officer fired a shot at a driver who tried to run him over while fleeing the scene of a robbery in the Gold Coast Sunday night.

Around 6 p.m., four suspects dashed into the American Apparel store in the 100 block of East Walton, grabbed merchandise off the shelves and fled, according to a WGN broadcast (embedded above).

An officer on foot patrol near Rush and Walton Street responded to the shoplifting call and saw four males coming out of the store with piles of clothing, reports NBC Chicago. When he tried to stop the car, the driver sped toward him and tried to run him down as he drove off, said the Sun-Times.

Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden said the officer fired the shot at the vehicle to defend himself, reports NBC.

The officer wasn't able to determine if the bullet hit the car, and no one was hurt.

The incident took place just around the corner from where, one night earlier, a 67-year-old doctor was stabbed during an attempted robbery inside a restaurant in a Gold Coast hotel.