11/19/2012 04:33 pm ET

Daniel Craig, James Bond Actor, Visits Afghanistan

British troops in Afghanistan were left more stirred than shaken on Sunday -- not by the harsh realities of war, but rather, by an appearance by James Bond himself at the Camp Bastion military base for a private screening of the latest 007 film, "Skyfall," E! reported.

After arriving on Sunday, British actor Daniel Craig actor mingled with some 800 members of the military before taking a tour of the camp and the Bastion Role 3 Hospital medical facility, according to Reuters.

"It was really good morale for everyone - it's a decent thing for him to take time to come out and visit everyone here," medical technician Private Scott Craggs said.

According to the Guardian, Craig also test-drove the army's new Foxhound vehicle designed to protect patrolling soldiers against insurgent attacks.

Force Master Driver Rob Ingham noted Craig seemed “pretty comfortable” driving the high-tech vehicle, according to Sky News. “We get quite a lot of visitors here, but having James Bond was special.”

The 44-year-old actor also joined the troops in training sessions and got the chance to fire machine guns at the weapons range, BBC reported.

The surprise visit occurred as "Skyfall" became the top-grossing film in the James Bond franchise, Reuters reported.